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      Staples Reward A+ Classroom Program


Staples Office Supply, located at 2222 Cleveland Avenue


Santa Rosa High School Student Teacher Parent Organization  is running an office supply donation campaign this fall.  We are asking parents to make donations either at Orientation or Back to School Night.  As we have not yet taken an inventory of teacher’s specific needs, we are presently asking for: reams of paper, lined paper, pencils, tissue, and disinfecting wipes. 


We have partnered with Staples in order to maximize your donation dollars. 

When you designate our SRHS Staples Reward card at checkout, we will collect 5% of the purchase and receive any rebates.  If you have a Staples Reward card that you prefer to use for the rebate, attach us as a teacher to the account and we’ll still get an additional 2% of the purchase!


The Staples Reward Number for SRHS STPO is:  368-543-1888 


simply use the SRHS phone number at checkout:    707-528-5292.


Staples offers great weekly rewards in July and August and we will send out updates on the weekly specials via the gMail account. 


Thanks for participating!


Your STP Board Members



Reward A+ Classroom program:  (For Reward members to designate us as their teacher):



For your own Rewards card: Sign up for free at