​Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If my student attends SRHS but doesn’t live in SRHS attendance area what do I have to do?

 Intra-District Special Permission – (for students who live in Santa Rosa but came to us for a specialized program or moved after initial enrollment)

A:  You do nothing unless we contact you.  The principal & registrar review semester grades, attendance, and discipline for all students here on special permission.  As long as the student is being successful at SRHS we will automatically “roll over” the special permission.

o  Inter-District Special Permission – (for students who live outside Santa Rosa)

A: You must renew the special permission starting at your home district annually.

o  OpenEnrollment – (For students who were granted open enrollment during the lottery period)

A: You must renew the special permission starting at your home district annually.

Q: What things can I do to best help prepare my student for college?

A: The SRHS Counseling web site has tons of helpful information for college planning, financial aid, scholarships, and important dates for Seniors. http://www.santarosahighschool.net/counsel.shtml

Q: How can I get a copy of a transcript?

o  Unofficial transcripts for car insurance or tax documents – Print it yourself off the Home Access Center

 Unofficial transcripts for CIF or other clubs – Print it yourself off the Home Access Center

 Unofficial transcripts for filling out college applications – Print it yourself off the Home Access Center

o  Official transcripts to be mailed to colleges – Students can fill out a transcript request form in the counseling office with the complete mailing address for the college(s).  Patty Stage (Registrar) will mail the transcripts out within 24 hours – no charge.

o  Official transcripts for Immigrations (The Dream Act); Military Enlistment; Job applications – Students can fill out a transcript request form in the counseling office.  The student can then pick up the transcript from Patty Stage (Registrar) at the end of the day or within 24 hours.

Q: What do I do if my student is having problems with a teacher?

A: Use this as an opportunity to teacher your student how to communicate in an uncomfortable situation. Empower your student to attempt to resolve their own problems.

1.   Identify and be able to articulate basic problem

2.   Give specific examples

3.   Come up with a proposed solution/resolution

4.   Practice until the student feels confident they are ready.

5.   Student should approach the teacher outside regular class time and ask to schedule an appointment.  Approach the teacher by saying something like "Can I set up a meeting with you to talk about how I can be more successful in your class?”

6.  If the meeting between student/teacher is unsuccessful then the parent should request a meeting with the teacher.

7.   If no resolution is possible, the parent should request a meeting with the Vice Principal.

Q: What do I do if my student is having problems being successful with one or more classes?

A: Discuss the specific difficulties with your student. Encourage your student to talk to the teacher to ask for help.
   Monitor the student’s progress to make sure they are turning in all assignments.
   Allow the student to go to free tutoring every Tuesday & Thursday after school 3:15-4:00 in Room 143
   Pick up a list of tutors available in the counseling office
   The student can ask for a pass from the teacher to see his/her counselor to discuss options.

Q: How do I make an appointment to talk to my student’s counselor? 

 e-mail the counselor directly – counselor’s email link can be found on the Registration Page of the Home Access Center
o  Call the counseling secretary – Toni Noonan 528-5302 will transfer you to the counselor’s office (or their voice mail if they are unavailable)
o  Please make an appointment – With over 500 students per case-load each counselor is stretched pretty thin.  A drop-in meeting requested by a parent can be very disruptive.  Emergency (health & safety) situations will always take priority.

Tips for using the Home Access Center (HAC):

o  If you don’t have access or are having problems logging into the HAC contact Toni Noonan 528-5302 tnoonan@srcs.k12.ca.us
The SUMMARY PAGE is a quick look at info pertaining to your student TODAY

o The teacher’s name on the student schedule is a hyperlink to their e-mail

o SCHEDULE Link shows any schedule changes that occur.
o ATTENDANCE Link - Just hover your cursor over any date in color for the specific period a student was not in class
o DISCIPLINE Link – All discipline issues for your student at all Santa Rosa City Schools they attend
o CLASSWORK Link – All assignments by date assigned, due, and grade in a particular class.
§ Dropped classes due to schedule changes will be in italics
§ The drop-down boxes along the top allow you to customize the way you view class work (remember to hit refresh after making a

o INTERIM PROGRESS Link – Progress grades are published half way through each quarter. Teachers are only required to put in Ds or Fs for students in danger of failing the quarter.  Some teachers put in grades anyway but they are not required.
o TRANSCRIPT Link – All semester grades starting after the first semester of 9th grade is completed.  Verify all classes are reflected on it such as SRJC or online classes.  Refer transcript questions to the Registrar, Patty Stage 528-5594 pstage@srcs.k12.ca.us
o TEST SCORES Link – The scores for all State and Federal mandated tests.
o REGISTRATION Link – A hyperlink for your counselor’s e-mail.  Also please verify all the contact information we have for you is correct.  If it needs to be updated contact Toni Noonan 528-5302 tnoonan@srcs.k12.ca.us 
o PHYSICAL FITNESS REPORT Link – Will open the results of the fitness testing done on all 9th graders.
o MY PROFILE Line – Ability for you to update your password and create security questions in case you forget your password.  If your e-mail has changed you won’t be able to update it here.  Please notify Toni Noonan 528-5302 tnoonan@srcs.k12.ca.us

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